Our Mission

Enric Farm Fresh is helping people eat healthy by delivering locally grown, freshly picked produce straight to your door. Enric Farm Fresh prides itself in supporting local farmers, sustainable growing and healthy eating.

Our Farmers

We’ve spent the last 4 years developing relationships with more than 80 local farmers and artisans. These partnerships are built on respect and trust. We know the farmers and their families and are determined to help them grow. We want to put our food shillings into local farms so they can continue to produce the most nutritious, delicious and safest food.

Source 60% of our food locally this year, up from 45% in 2017

How We’re Doing

Ultimately, we sourced 51% of our food locally over the course of 2017. We’ve been training our farmers on modern organic farming practices which improves their yields. We have contracted 179 smallholder farmers (women and the youths)

Offer training and market acess to local farmers

To help them invest in the people, land and technology needed to grow good food

How We’re Doing

After the smallholder farmers from rural areas have been trained and contracted. We buy the fresh produce they have grown from them at the market price. This provides them a ready market and reduce post harvesting losses.

Our Members

By connecting you to local farmers, we’re trying to provide you with access to the freshest, healthiest and most flavourful local produce at a fair price. We’re so grateful for our amazing Enric Farm Fresh community and our goal is to make our members happy with every single delivery.

Achieve a 5/5 experience ranking from our members

We try to measure our member’s happiness in several ways but one aspect we’re really focused on is our relationship with you. We want to be a trusted partner in your weekly food purchasing over months, seasons and years.

How we are doing

In online reviews we’re ranked 4.9/5 on overall experience