Organic Managu (Night Shade)


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  • Origin: Kisii, Kenya
  • Weight/Size:(+) 1 bunch
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Locally produced in  Kisii and Nyamira. Buy local, Eat Local and support local farmers. Grown 0% with synthetic fertilizer.  We grow it 100% organic to suite your health.


Prevention of Cancer
Cancer is the most scariest disease for many people. Sometime, it took long time to free from cancer. One of the benefit of black nightshade is as a prevention of cancer because this black nightshade contains solasonine, solasodine, solamargine, and solanine that prevents uncontrollable cancer cell. Solasodine plays role to relieve pain, to decrease your temperature, anti-inflammation, and anti-shock.

As Diuretic
Urinary tract disorder is a disease that will infect anyone from any ages or any gender. If you’re infected, it is suggested to consume black nightshade as a traditional herbal. This is possible since black nightshade has diuretic to shed and launch the urinary tract.
Black nightshade is useful to cure urinary tract infection. This infection mostly happen to woman than man, because woman’s urethra is susceptible to the contamination of bacteria. The most symptoms appear is the feel to take a pee that comes often than before, pain in urinary tract, and also itchy during pee.


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