Pumpkin Bread


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  • Origin: Kenya
  • Weight/Size:(+) 900 grams
  • Packing Size (Pcs)    01 | 01


Homemade moist pumpkin bread bread. We are proud to offer Pumpkin Bread Delivered to everyone in the Nairobi. Our pumpkin bread is so moist and delicious you can never eat just one slice. It has a perfect blend of fresh ground pumpkin and a unique blend of spices with a sugar dusting on top, we get this treat from old family recipe. Our pumpkin bread tastes even better when it’s warmed up and a pat of butter is put on top! Our pumpkin bread is perfect for breakfast, a social gathering, wedding or any other type of event where fresh baked sweet breads would be loved.

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Size of Loaf: 8″ x 4″ (inches)
Weight of Loaf (approximately): 2 pounds (32 oz.)
Loaf Feeds: 8-10 people
Packaging: To maintain freshness each loaf is baked and shipped in a disposable tin which is wrapped in a food safe bread bag.


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